McKinnon School of Highland Dance


COVID-19 Protocols & Procedures 

We are committed to keeping our students and staff safe in these uncertain times. While we are extremely excited and grateful to be back in the studio, we take AHS regulations very seriously. Our goal is to ensure our conscientious efforts allow our dancers, their families & our staff to feel a sense of security when walking through our doors. We thank you for doing your part! 

Before Arriving 

-Parent/guardian or adult dancer will do a self-screening of their child’s health before sending your child to class each time

-All Albertans must follow CMOH Order 05-2020, which establishes legal requirements for quarantine and isolation. Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19; with a history of international travel in the last 14 days; or with close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days must remain at home. 

-Dancers should limit items to their dance shoes, practice skirt and a water bottle. These can be brought in a small bag that will be brought directly into the studio with them. There is limited space due to social distancing, so the less they bring the better! 

-Dancers will not be able to use the bathrooms for changing so please come dressed. 

-Except in the case of emergencies, dancers should use the washroom at home to decrease use at the studio. 

-Water bottles should be filled at home. There will be no sharing or filling of water bottles permitted at the studio. 

Upon Arrival 

-Dancers will be dropped off outside of the building. No parents or siblings will be permitted inside the studio. Teachers will be waiting at the door to welcome students inside.

-Masks will be worn while entering the building and during the entire lesson (with mask and drink breaks built in throughout). 

-Physical distancing of 3 meters must be maintained while entering. Dancers will wait in the car or stand outside 3m apart until there is no one using the door. 

-We ask that dancers arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to the start time dressed in their dance attire. This will ensure they have enough time to take off outerwear, change into dance shoes, and confirm their self-screening has been completed. If your child is not able to put their own shoes on, we ask that you help them put them on outside or in the car.

-Dancers will sanitize their hands upon entry and head straight into the assigned studio (no use of lobby/waiting areas will be permitted). Temperature checks may also be taken upon entry. 

During Class 

-Dancers will maintain social distancing for the duration of class using the floor & barre markers. -Teachers will maintain social distancing for the duration of class. Teachers will wear a mask at all times (ie. spotting, making corrections to dancers posture, form, positioning) 

-There will be no touching between dancers and other dancers.

-Bathrooms will be sanitized after each use. 

Leaving the Studio 

-Masks will be worn when exiting the building. 

-Dancers/staff will sanitize their hands before leaving the studio. 

-Dancers will be dismissed one at a time to allow for social distancing as they exit. 

-Parents may wait outside of the building for their dancer so that they do not have to make their way to the vehicle on their own. Please remember to social distance or wear a mask outside too! 

General Cleaning 

-We have increased daily cleaning and disinfecting of common areas and surfaces. 

-We have allocated 10 minutes between classes to allow for the floors, barres, and other high touch surfaces to be disinfected. 

-Bathrooms will be cleaned after each use. 

-Once a week, a professional company will be coming in to sanitize the whole studio.


-Active daily screening of dancers and staff has been implemented. Dancers must complete an online screening form prior to each class.

-Class sizes are limited to allow for social distancing to be maintained at all times. 

-All lobby/waiting room areas are off limits. 

Rapid Response Plan 

-In the event that a dancer becomes symptomatic while at the studio, they will be asked to put on a mask and wait in an isolated area until they are picked up. The parent/guardian will be contacted immediately to pick up their dancer. 

Dance Examinations 

-Dance exams, when possible, will be held face-to-face with an examiner from the Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance (SDTA). The examiner will be provided a copy of our studio Covid-19 Policies and Procedures document prior to the exams. Exams will carried out using the following procedures:

  • Examiner and teacher will be wearing masks the entire time. The examiner will remain at least 6 feet away from dancer at all times.
  • Dancer will be wearing a mask whenever not dancing.
  • Dancers will enter the studio one-at-a-time at a scheduled time.
  • Dancer will complete all examination dances and then will exit the studio upon completion.
  • Between each exam, the studio will be completely sanitized before next dancer enters.
  • All exam paperwork will be completed by the teacher 1 week prior to the exam and sealed in an envelope. This will be left for the examiner to open.
  • Examiner, once exams are completed, will seal all paperwork inside a new envelope, which will remain closed for 1 week following exams.
  • Only the teacher will touch the sword, if required for exams. The sword will be sanitized between each use.