McKinnon School of Highland Dance


Classes are offered Mondays-Thursdays at McKinnon School of Dance Studio located at 323 Woodvale Road West in Mill Woods, next to Casey's Dance Studio.

The dance levels are:

(1) Primary: Dancers who are younger than 7 years old

(2) Beginner: Dancers who are 7 years or older

(3) Novice: Dancers who have achieved 6 'stamps' in Beginner

(4) Intermediate: Dancers, any age, who have achieved 6 'stamps' in Novice

(5) Premier: Dancers who have achieved 6 'stamps' in Intermediate move into Premier Level - the       highest level of dance.

The class times and dance levels are listed below and run from September to June with a break over Christmas and Spring Break. If you are interested in registering and/or have any questions about highland dance classes, please send an email to Rebecca at

2022-23 Dance Schedule


4:45-5:15 New Beginners

5:15-6:00 Primary/Beginner (3rd Year)

5:00-6:15  Intermediate/ Premier (15 Years & Under)

6:15-6:45  Choreography

6:45-7:15  Strength and Stretch
7:15-8:30  Intermediate/ Premier (16 Years & Over)


5:30-6:30  Beginners
6:30-7:45  Intermediate/Premier

4:45-5:30   Primary/Beginner (2nd Year)
5:30-6:30   Beginner

6:30-7:45   Intermediate/Premier All Ages