McKinnon School of Highland Dance

Classes are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at Rebecca's dance studio located at 323 Woodvale Road West in Mill Woods, next to Casey's Dance Studio.

The dance levels are:

(1) Primary: Dancers who are younger than 7 years old

(2) Beginner: Dancers who are 7 years or older

(3) Novice: Dancers who have achieved 6 'stamps' in Beginner

(4) Intermediate: Dancers, any age, who have achieved 6 'stamps' in Novice

(5) Premier: Dancers who have achieved 6 'stamps' in Intermediate move into Premier Level - the       highest level of dance.

The class times and dance levels are listed below and run from September to June with a break over Christmas and Spring Break. If you are interested in registering and/or have any questions about highland dance classes, please send an email to Rebecca at rmmckinnon2@gmail.com

2019-20 Dance Schedule

5:30-6:00  Strength and Stretch (Novice dancers and up)

6:00-7:15  Intermediate/ Premier (13 Years & Under)
7:15-8:30  Intermediate/ Premier (13 Years & Over)

4:45-5:15  Intro to Highland 

5:30-6:00  Primary (1st Year)
5:30-6:00  Primary (2nd Year)
6:00-6:45  Beginner
7:00-8:15  Novice/Intermediate/Premier

6:00-7:15   Intermediate/Premier
7:30-8:30   Buti Yoga